Running Boards

Harrier Manufacturing has a range of Running Boards to suit most popular models of single, extra and double cab vehicles. Running Boards are designed to provide additional grip and a platform for you to step upon in all conditions.The extrusion used is of flat design with a rounded edge and non skid extruded pips and non skid tape to ensure sure footing.This extrusion is designed as a running board and comes with a rear splash guard when possible.

Running Boards are used primarily as a step into a vehicle. With at least two mounts attaching the extrusion to the vehicle, the running board can be safely stood upon to climb into the vehicle or reach onto the roof rack system.

The Harrier Manufacturing running boards are a great way to prevent dirt and stone chips going down the side of the vehicle and so potentially prevent costly vehicle damage. A smartly designed running board with a polished rounded edge can enhance the looks of your vehicle.

Most vehicles have alloy wheels and/or a polished bumper and the Harrier running boards help flow these looks together. Ground clearance is taken into account with our designs for those who prefer the off road options.

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